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Win Air Tickets to Bangkok

(10 tickets up for grabs!)

How to participate:

  • Simply download the Mileslife App and link your app to your Frequent Flyer Program (FFP)1

  • Spend on the Mileslife app with participating Mileslife merchants2 at our festival and you are automatically enrol to the draw


1 If you are currently not part of any FFP, do enrol with any of the following FFP & link up with the Mileslife app before the festival. Some of the available FFPs available (click on the link to enrol now!):


2 Mileslife participating merchants will have a Mileslife QR codes displayed at their stalls. Spend at the festival using the app to qualify for a chance at the draw.




  • Winners will be announced during the festival at the stage area periodically over the 3 days festival

  • The miles can be exchanged for air tickets (e.g. 25k air miles = 1 return ticket to Bangkok)

  • 25,000 air miles will be credited to your selected FFP account by 30 Nov 2018 (valid for 2yrs from date of issue)

  • For more information, you may approach the Mileslife Booth located at the premium zone during the 3 days festival

  • If you are not present during the draw, Mileslife will contact you separately on the details for prize redemption.

Lucky Draw

Congratulations to our 10 Bangkok Tickets Lucky Winners! 

Winners were announced and winners were notified during the festival.

Thank you for your participation!

1) Vishal

2) Charlene Kiew

3) Cherie Chew

4) Lee Leong Wah

5) Kevin Seet

6) Ng Bei Yu

7) Gerald Tan

8) Guo Xuan

9) Eunice Lim

10) Toh Siew Keat

Best dressed retro-pop contest

How to participate:

  • Come dressed to the theme "RETRO-POP"

  • Entries can be solo or group

  • Take a photo at our Photo Booth (located at the Premium Zone) during the photo booth operation hours

  • Provide a valid email address at our photo booth registration counter to enter the contest


Photo Booth Operation Hours:

  • Fri, 16th Nov   : 5pm - 8pm

  • Sat 17th Nov   : 2pm - 8pm

  • Sun 18th Nov  : 2pm - 8pm



  • Shortlisted contestants will be posted on our festival facebook and instagram

  • Results will be posted on facebook and instagram and notified via the email provided on the 21 Nov 2018 (Wednesday)

Best Dressed

Kite painting contest

How to participate:

  • Pay $2 for the material to enter the contest ( you can do it for fun as well)

  • Payment to be made at the kite painting booth

  • Submit your piece to participate in the contest

Booth Operation Hours:

  • Fri, 16th Nov   : 5pm - 10pm

  • Sat 17th Nov   : 11am - 10pm

  • Sun 18th Nov  : 11am - 6pm*

*Activity will still be ongoing till 10pm but contest will be closed at 6pm on Sunday 18th Nov.


  • Judging will be conducted on Sunday 18th Nov after the contest closes at 6pm

  • Winners will be announced at 8.45pm, and notified via mobile / email contact provided on the the entry. 

  • Winning entries will also be posted on facebook and instagram


Passion Card & Translink Benefits:

Flash your Passion Card or Translink Card to enjoy $1 off this activity.

Kite Painting
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