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At Pet Street Gang, we welcome all passionate hoomans and their pets to join in the upcoming, thrilling biggest outdoor Pet Festival! Featuring local entrepreneurs in this Pet related industry, give yourself and your furry ones a well deserved treat! This festival consists of various type of pet-related products ranging from gourmet Pet food that will make your pets smile from cheek to cheek, fashionable designs for pets, art paintings & pet adoptions’ drive!

Be entertained all day by our local musicians, exciting games and feast your eyes on the mouth-watering food & beverages created for all paw parents! 

Join us at this festival and watch even the Best Dressed 4 legged Fashion Show which is heart melting! Featuring a super fun filled festival not to be missed, bring your lovely pets, be it furry, feathered or scaly, we welcome them all! What’s more, you may take home your very own furry ones!